Maine Gansac

The connection of Maine Gansac to the land is deep, born from a long heritage of nobility.

The founder of the estate, the Gansac Marquess, was a Dragoon lieutenant in the early 19th century, who distinguished himself during the Napoleonic Wars.

Upon retirement, he went back to his homeland, south-west of France, purchased and managed a small vineyard (“domaine”), and started producing wine.

His sons and descendants followed his legacy and mastered the distilling and ageing of the wines of the estate, and later on initiated selling their brandy overseas.

Carefully matured through generations, the finest know-how in brandymaking is now handled by a renowned company of the Cognac region, ensuring a perfect taste, certified Quality control and a sustainable supply : we guarantee the total respect of the brand’s tradition, with the help of modern facilities.

Maine Gansac – TradeMark Since 1996

Image of the battle
Edouard Detaille - Le trophée - 1806